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Gaming Buddies? *RP*

Ren had looked everywhere. He'd looked in all of Kiku's classes, and the library, and he thought he checked the computer labs, too, but he couldn't be sure. He DID know that he hadn't checked his dorm room yet.

What was that number? Hadn't Alfred mentioned it on that journal entry Ren had posted? Hmmm...

He checked his school blog and scrolled through the comments until he found the one he was looking for. Ah hah! Room 350.

He headed up to the third floor of the dorms. Junior floor. That's where he was hoping to move to eventually. But for right now he was still in temporary housing.

Once he'd reached Kiku's dorm room he hesitated only a moment, then grinned and knocked on the door.

I'm BACK!!

Wow, so I was gone way too long. I only got to be here for a short time before my new family had to pull me back out of school. The sad thing is, I've been gone so long because of a mourning period in my family's traditions. My adoptive mother lost her father, so we had to be there. Funeral traditions in my family are still...well...pretty traditional. That means that I had to take a few months of mourning with my family. A long time ago there used to be a required 3 year mourning period, but my new family doesn't take that long. Most families these days only take a week or two at most.

Is it horrible of me to not be too sad about it? I mean, I hardly knew him. I wasn't exactly attached. I feel bad for my adoptive eomeoni, sure. She just lost her father, so I guess she's...kind of an orphan now, too.

Anyway, I guess the school didn't think I was coming back, because I can't access my old journal. Ah, well, there was only one entry anyway, so I'll just start a new one, daze!

I'm glad to back. I didn't mind not having any classes while with my new (relatively new, anyway, only for the past year or so) family, but I feel really out of touch and I'm behind in my school work. Some of the teachers were supposed to mail me my assignments, but somewhere the system screwed up, and I was dropped from the courses. Oops. Oh well, it's all worked out now! I might have to stay for the summer to catch up, if I'm not able to catch up by the time it starts, but we'll see. I would say home work was made in Korea, but no one likes homework. It was probably made...I don't know, in England or something. Hehehee.

On that note, I'm no longer room mates with Yao either. That sucks, and I'm in one of the temporary dorms until a new one can be found for me to stay in. Since I'll most likely be here over the summer I might have to move again when I start junior classes. Maybe they could just move me into a junior dorm now, and save me the trouble! I'll have to go talk to someone about that.

I bet dorm rooms were started in Korea. ;D

Uri nara mansae!

~Im Yong Soo. But you can call me Ren. Nicknames began in KOREA FTW! :D


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